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Green Dinosaur long tail kite

Green Dinosaur long tail kite

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Product Description

1. Specifications: brand new
2. Size: 145 * 150 cm
3. Material: high quality polyester
4. Color: Green
5.Packing: Kite foldable, plastic bag
6. Function: Huge green dinosaur flies in the sky. It's cute and fun, and it's very popular among people. Soft inflatable kite, foldable, easy to carry and easy to fly.
7. Advantages:
Foldable / durable / good flight, good effect
High quality and reasonable price with joystick and control line
Guarantee the health of materials and printing
8. Remarks:
Our kites are equipped with a plastic handle kite line. If you need a kite reel kite coil, please purchase it separately.
9. Composition:
Your kite is easy to assemble. Insert the loose rod into the outer edge connector as shown below. When done, flip the kite and connect the kite line to the ring on the kite centerline.
10. Method:
Come back from the wind, let go of a line about 20-30 meters, let others put the kite into the wind. When the wind blows, gently push the kite into the air and pull it up. When reaching a height of 100 meters, the kite will rise and stabilize.
11. Note:
The kite flies best in the wild. Do not fly near other people, roads, power lines or airports.
Do not fly kites in buildings or crowded places.
Do not fly kite overhead power cords
Children fly kites under the care and guidance of their parents
Don't risk finding kites in trees or dangerous places.

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